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My School Day

Read the following text from a student of the class.

My school day

Hello, I`m Tânia. I`m eleven years old and I go to Elementary School Vasco da Gama in Sines. I`m in year 6.
My favourite subjects are English, Art, Science, Physical Education, History and Drama.
I start school at 8:10 in the morning. There are three lessons before lunch and one after lunch. Lunch is at 13:10. I have lunch in the school canteen.
I start lessons again in the afternoon at 14:10 and finish school at 16:00.
Everyday I go to “À Priori Project” , there I do my homework and play.

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Proporcionalidade - Ficha 1

Resolve a ficha sobre o tema " proporcionalidade"

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Practise sport. It`s good for your health!

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